might and pride

it’s good to feel, keeping it in the reel

Everyone’s getting down to the quest, what good it do if not the best

it’s just the wind blowing you down, it’s bound to pass after a while

so just whirl along with me, like how the summer breeze chase after bees

my momma said the world will put you down, so keep your chin up now

my tiny two feet on the ground, a million other pairs too will pound

never let them get to thee, what good will it do

if the good doesn’t fight for what’s right, the bad will burn high tonight

even in the raging storm, i will stand with might and pride

With Thy power, God shall strike when it’s time

With might and main, we shall be champions tonight.


- Ju Eun





eric and ariel

I’ve been singing love songs since I was nine

Not even knowing what the words meant
Didn’t even know who I was longing for
But after i met you, all of it suddenly made sense

A feeling so great, reaching across the galaxy
Reciting the miracles beyond my fantasy
The gravity ain’t got nothin on me
It’s lifting me up off the ground and I finally see,

You and I were meant to be.

There’s beauty in the norm, they didn’t preach in pretense
Beauty lies in the beholder and,
Baby, you’re indeed blinded but a happy man
I’m the lucky woman who got you hooked at the end.

A feeling so great, my heart thumping like a medley
Powerful enough to conquer any tragedy
The love story of how the two met on the milky galaxy
It’s lifting me up off the ground and I finally see,

We’re just like them
and I know we’re meant to be.

It’s a force of nature I can’t comprehend
Maybe it is just meant to be felt
And yet there’s a question longing to be answered
Just how you and me could fit together so perfectly

It’s okay if the mystery is left unravelled with no way
as long as we know our love shall stay for eternity.

By Ju Eun

Specially dedicated to my friend, my best mate, my love. Just know that you won’t have to worry about us ever again :)

Many loves and kisses!

Giving you all

Never knew love could be so satisfying
Filling in the holes of my unexplainable woes
Oh, just what are you, the one that captured me whole
The one who had blown away the blues that no one knows

The way you touch me, so incredibly immense
the peculiar tingles dominating my senses
Waiting at the back door, craving just for more
is this wish just too much to ask for?

The wait ends here where my life begins
The blossoming of the love that I dreamed
Ready to love again, giving you all that you need
Don’t run off yet, I have so much yet to give

the bitter-sweet taste of this love tickles my heart
all that we have poured into this love,
I hope it does not go into naught,
but if it’s fear that feeds my doubt
your kiss will be the spell to undo the black out

- Ju Eun

those three words

Words fail me, when I try to tell the truth
About how I truly feel about you
it’s just the butterflies, worming into my courage
This song I’m singing, is it a convincing lullaby

Whisked away by my stinging pride
Memories of regrets spots my mind
Reliving the mistakes of my past
That I will commit again, if I must


You’re everything that’s worth the pain
You’re the dream I dream every night
Although it drives me insane
It’s too late to stop now, keep the flame ablaze
I hope you catch on, before my heart takes flight

Will you be my safety net?
Though I’m not ready yet
I’m willing to take the plunge
Let’s do it together then, let’s pack a punch

You’re everything that’s worth the pain
I just pray hard you’ll feel the same
Although it drives me insane
It’s too late to stop now, keep the love ablaze
I hope you catch on, before my heart takes flight

Even till now, if you haven’t realized
All I’m trying to express, my feelings all crystallized
Were those few simple words I’ve been dying to say
those three words, “I love you,”, I’ll confess them today


- Ju Eun


Writer’s note: oh well, if you guys weren’t aware till now, my love history is just marked with tragic, one-sided love experiences which isn’t something to boast about but this is to all the other poor fellows who feel the same, just to let you know you aren’t alone in this damned fate haha. Let’s just hope it just keeps getting better and you’ll meet better people in times to come. Ciao! :)

zip your mouth and hope to die



One man’s pain is another man’s gain
where is everyone when blood is to be shed
Every nook and cranny of this fucked up freak show
is where the god fearing souls crawls to wait

Let the monsters out, let their claws tear you apart
every eye is watching, ripping you, raw and bare
But who’s to be blamed, who should punished for that has been claimed,
we don’t show but we know it’s a filthy shame

Stained with fake ignorance
We sure are the champions at keeping still
when the worst comes crashing down on us
Till the last man standing, our feet stuck to the ground
Let them come at us, come and fight us till the end

We come with our traps undone, there’s still no action
There shall be no change, no completion
All we’ll end up with, just talking professions

Let the monsters out from within
let their claws tear your heart in smithereens
Every eye is watching, ripping you, raw and bare
But who’s to be blamed, to be punished for that has been wrongfully claimed

We don’t show,
but we know it’s a filthy shame.


- Ju Eun

mind wayfarer

my mind is a maze you’ll never comprehend
once you’re in, there’s no going back
Just got to make sense of the astray
trying not to submerge in the sea of thoughts

The hauntings creeping through the cracks
Flipping the switches and violent turbulence
A spectrum deeply lodged in all my senses
Is it still considered a nightmare, despite being my obsession?

All the foofaraw and the hypocriticisms
Aren’t you at all, tired of the past
At least I’ll be the one to see you drown
When the crunch comes

Don’t you dare say that I didn’t warn you, oh
I’ll be there to say ‘I told you so’

And so my mind stays an unchanging maze,
once you’re in, there’s no going back.


- Ju Eun

Korea trip: the extraordinary day with a pal

Hullo there, everyone!

I’ve put this off far too long, till I couldn’t bear my limitless procrastinations so here I am now, putting a stop to my intolerable habitual behavior and tapping furiously on the keyboard in the whir of the oozing time.  It has been long since I actually posted something decent and interesting to read on this blog, and during that ‘hiatus’, i’ve actually been cheating as I wrote (and am still writing) on my newest blog, http://www.pilesofdustedthoughts.blogspot.com .

Forgive me, if you’ve been waiting forever for my Korea trip posts and I understand if i’ve lost some of you  along the way but please forgive me if I let you down.

The memory of my trip to Korea is sort of bleak at the moment because firstly, I just came back from my EUROPE trip (let’s get to that later, shall we?) and what makes you think that I will still be cooping up dejectedly in the arms of my own melancholy feels enkindled by my withdrawal symptoms (actually yes, I am but not from the Korea trip definitely, thank you.) and secondly, my brain has been rusted up due to my unproductive nature at this brief holiday season before my internship so it took some time. Lastly, I am typing this down at 12:30am in the morning and awfully tired after a long day. So please forgive me once again, if this post might be down in quality but generous in quantity in terms of spamming of photos and incomprehensible words.

Let’s not digress any further and get back to the post of what I did in Korea!

For this trip back to my homeland, I made some effort in planning some reunion with some friends of mine in Korea during that time and friends of those who lives there.


IMG_3896 IMG_3897

My first meal/breakfast in Korea! GOOD FOOD ALL AROUND THERE

In fact, the moment i touched down and checked into the hotel after breakfast, i took the subway straight to Hongdae to meet my dearest junior friend from church who i was absolutely elated to meet up with, and all the more special that meeting was, all because we weren’t meeting at Singapore but in KOREA. Yes, life in Singapore could be the most blandest (and luxurious with the expense of a lot of money) judging from my experiences there. haha no offense though, after my Europe trip, i’ve realized the most comfortable place to live in is Singapore albeit expensive. Easier to transport oneself one place to another, places and things that are easily accessible… but you just need $$$ and this tiny island becomes a playground for you.



Reached there a bit earlier so the short photography session in the unfamiliar but refreshing environment.



It was nice to breath in cold, reinvigorating air without sneezing incessantly in the chilly afternoon. Strange, only because usually at the time of the day, the sun would be frying me regardless of outdoors or indoors and I’d be switching the aircon full on and then the sneezing fits would start because my body can’t adjust very well to the sudden change in temperature. yeah, life in a country with all-around summer just sucks.

When we met, it was so surreal but still as exciting as how I expected it to be, and we couldn’t stop jumping up and down in glee, heehee.



We walked around the town, navigating ourselves through the alleys that seemed like an endless maze and when we got through, we had a mini photography session at the photogenic playground as the background haha (yay it rhymes) Apparently, that area was quite well-known around the town especially for photography.


IMG_3911IMG_3912 IMG_3915IMG_3917

But not to forget the whole streets were photogenic enough!!! we couldn’t hold ourselves back from stopping by at almost every pretty shops that had funky stuff they were selling.



Waffle booths and waffle buddies hahaha oh those were the most relish looking things ever although being plastics.


IMG_3934IMG_3937 IMG_3938IMG_3941

Hotcakes with melting honey and crunchy peanuts stuffed in it. Perfect for the cold weather.

I sort of liked my dress code, brought out much of the christmas-y feels in the photos. hehe

And I shat out wings too!! The magical things that happen in Korea… haha





Look at new funky eyes hehee

We felt a little guilty for taking photos of the delicious-looking cookies and pastry of all shapes and colors neatly stacked on the shelves so my friend bought a small package of cookies to try, and i got away ‘free-handed’ haha


IMG_3946IMG_3957   IMG_3980IMG_3978

We also ticked off the famous places off the list, by heading to the other towns like Itaewon and this place particularly is best known for selling Korea’s traditional souvenirs and if I’m not wrong, many foreigners living in Korea stays around there. It was a quiet town, so we loved walking around and snapping photos here and there.

Many vintage-y shops had sprouted along the bumpy streets at the corner, and small retail shops too. It was tough trying to find a place to settle down and have a snack or something because there were little cosy cafes lined up the streets like fairy lights on a christmas tree, and I had to resist myself. (I was under a tight budget)



There was even a shop selling military-styled clothes which was really interesting and unique, and not to forget these two bulldogs which were chilling outside their owner’s vintage shop.


IMG_3363 IMG_3382 IMG_3387IMG_3392

A turn into a strange, isolated corner led us to discover a new-found trove stored with the cutest and interesting things ever. There were simply so much to see, and try out so we spent a bit more time than the rest at this pretty spot.

After that we went to another tourist hotspot; the place where youngster roam about often (especially guys) near the Ewha (women) university. The crowd was surprisingly not that rowdy neither was it very boisterous, so we chilled by the food stands for a bite.


IMG_3395 IMG_3397

Look at that fluffy, steaming kimchi bun that almost burnt my tongue raw, but I couldn’t help scoffing it down because it was simply too good and heavenly to hold myself back!!! Especially in winter, when the steaming heat just warms my icicle-like fingers and the bread warms me up from the inside, oh god. I can almost still taste it in my mouth, but it’s all saliva. lol

Not only that, there were too many fried finger foods to try and various delectable selections of common street foods along the roads, we were spoilt for choice but we tried what we couldn’t find it in Singapore, or what Korean food shops in Singapore try to imitate. The taste is totally different here and there definitely.


IMG_3398 IMG_3399

Yep, still blowing and scoffing it down yeah? You can see my burning passion for food hehe


IMG_3400 IMG_3401

After scouring around for the pair of shoes that I wanted to buy and people-watching, I even made friends with a Japanese woman studying in Ewha and she was pretty impressed by my Japanese hehe, although it isn’t that skilled, I promptly accepted her compliment and we exchanged contact. Good to make pen-pal friends!



Because we were rushing for time after our little adventure, we settled down at a humble normal restaurant which served fish egg bibimbab of different flavors – spicy, curry, sweet sauce and more. I, of course, the mad-fan of curry, went for the obvious. Pity the camera couldn’t capture the aroma and the steam that rose from the food.

That day could possibly be nominated the top-twenty days of my life, because i’ve never actually ventured around my homeland ALONE without the guidance of my parents and left on my own, free to wander around the strange place. Thus, the experience was simply unforgettable and I gained so much more than just to learn to navigate myself around safely and discover the must-go hideouts in Korea.

I would be posting more of my Korea trip updates, but in each dissected episodes! My internship would be starting in 14 April, which is just around the corner, so i’m crossing my fingers and hoping i will have some leisure time for my blogs. Besides that, I am just an eager-beaver resisting myself from posting the updates for the Europe trip, all because it wouldn’t be fair or nice to put that as priority over the Korea trip posts, would it? So please bear with me, and let’s all hope for the best that i would not be too preoccupied with internship to ignore my promises! huhu


So that’ll be it for now, thanks for reading and see you soon! x